“You give a little love..”

A story of how 🎼”If you give a little love then it all comes back to you” 🎼
Two ladies came in first thing, mother and daughter. They looked super nice as though they might be going out somewhere other than shopping. So I told them how fabulous they looked and it turns out they were only shopping but like looking good. Then later on an older lady initially wearing shades came and asked me about paint brushes. We don’t sell them but as she mulled over where to go next she took her shades off and I noticed how lovely her eye make up was. I said to her how it really complimented her eye colour and really  made her eyes POP and that she shouldn’t keep her shades on cos people were missing it. She looked startled and then a little emotional and she said quietly “You’ve just made my whole day”. That wasn’t my intention I just thought WOW when she took off her shades. She went off smiling and still slightly shocked.
My delivery driver appeared not long after having walked the long way round and looking hilariously unamused that I didn’t open the back door. I explained I was lone trading so couldn’t get to him and he made a joke about  lunch and I said I’d have to eat on the go and then I laughed as I suddenly remembered I had failed to pick up lunch. Oh well I chuckled. He signed the paperwork and then told me he would go get me lunch when he had a gap in deliveries. I thanked him and he returned not long after with a sandwich a drink. He wouldn’t accept my money and just bid me a good day.
Smiles repaid with sandwiches!! Pay it forward and it will come right on back ❤
🎼”If you give a little love then it all comes back to you” 🎼

By shazkira

One comment on ““You give a little love..”

  1. I absolutely love this! We need more people like you both! That is the kind of world I want to live in where everyone is kind, sharing and caring!

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